About Us

The story behind HANNI & CO begins in 1996 from a humble home based business and was soon brought to a bigger scale in 2000 to meet more demands. The name HANNI derives from the initials of each child of Pn Rahimah; the Founder and back bone of HANNI & CO.

Since its establishment, we have always been associated with the word ‘excellence’ and ‘satisfaction’ in relation to our products. Here in HANNI & CO, we put great emphasis on the details; the very little things that make even the simplest idea seem paramount. Our clients include His Royal Highness, Royal families, hotels and corporate companies. 

In order to keep up with our own high standards, we proactively seek and create a wide selection of high quality products with our trusted staff. Our corporate gifts and premium packages are produced with the best material available and our home-made selections are made of the finest ingredients. We pride ourselves on intricate and outstanding handmade details to maintain a competitive edge. And we believe our greatest strength lies in the strong relationship and great teamwork between the members of HANNI & CO.